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The Empire Room

1225 N. Riverfront Blvd.

Dallas, Texas 75207


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Daphne Roehr Hatcher

Daphne  has been a full-time studio potter for over forty years. A third-generation native Texan, Daphne established Pine Mills Pottery with her husband Gary in the woodlands of northeast Texas in 1979. The studio was begun after three years of apprenticeship training in England, France and Greece, including eighteen months with David Leach and twelve months with Michael Leach. She received a BFA degree in art from the University of North Texas School of Visual Arts and has received many awards for her work in the ceramic field, including the UNT 1999 President’s Citation and extended travel in Australia as a Rotary Scholar.


"Control, surrender, the integration of surface and form:  these are considerations I have focused on for the past three decades as a potter. I have fired pots with glazed surfaces in various kilns, often with complex layers and patterns, but wood firing provides the balance between control and surrender I seek. I pay careful attention to the skin of the pot and use judicial application of glaze to enhance whatever the flame grants me. 

   The platters I am creating now represent my interest in a painterly approach to glaze application, using the platter’s large flat surface as a canvas and allowing the flame to gently alter the glaze. I also savor the balance between control and surrender in the construction of my pots. Some days are spent peacefully turning out simple, familiar forms and other days are focused on the delicate assembly of complex textured teapots, bowls and bottles. The rhythm of making pots and firing them in our wood kiln suits my temperament and presents a continual challenge to my abilities. Where to exert control and when to surrender to the flow?  This is the primary question.­­­"




Pine Mills, Texas


Daphne Hatcher