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The Empire Room

1225 N. Riverfront Blvd.

Dallas, Texas 75207


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Free Parking!

About Us

This annual spring show was developed twelve years ago to widen public knowledge about the breadth and depth of functional ceramics today. Beginning in April, 2008, The Janette Kennedy Gallery of Dallas hosted some of the nation's most recognized functional ceramicists on an annual basis through 2011. These four shows were a unique opportunity for collectors and the art buying public to talk to the individual artists while viewing their work. In April, 2012, the Dallas Pottery Invitational moved to the suburb of Addison, to The Gallery at Addison Visitors Center, where it continued to grow and gain appeal in its new location. In 2016 we moved our event to the Empire Room in the design district of Dallas, Texas. This venue has proven to be a huge success! in accessibility, free parking and plenty of room for our artists and partners to showcase their wares and products.


In recent years, the art scene in the greater Dallas area has flourished.

Yet at the same time it has overlooked functional pottery, continuing the myth that such work cannot be viewed as 'art'. We consider this to be a disservice to the Dallas public. It is our hope that the Dallas Pottery Invitational has and will continue to change this misconception.


We are proud to host five new artists this year: Mary Briggs,

Zak Helenske, Giselle Hicks, Lydia Johnson, and Holly Walker.

Also featured are our core group of artists:  Amy HalkoDaphne Roehr HatcherGary HatcherLiz Lurie, Brooks OliverLisaOrr 

and Louise Rosenfield. Please visit the individual artist pages for more information on each artist and view their incredible work.


The work of this diverse group of makers will provide you with a unique overview of the field of functional ceramicists today. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned collector, you will appreciate this exceptional opportunity to talk to the artists while viewing their wares.


Using hand made pottery every day offers the potential for a moment
of reverie, giving you the opportunity to examine an often overlooked aspect
of daily life which can bring special meaning to the ordinary.