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Wesley  Brown


Wesley Brown – guest artist

Wesley  Brown is a ceramic artist born in California raised in Ohio. Brown completed his schooling around the Midwest receiving an Associates from Sinclair Community College, BFA from Bowling Green State University, and an MFA from Indiana University. While in school Brown studies ceramics with West Virginia University in Jingdezhen China, Daniel Johnston in Seagroves, NC, and Mark Goertzen in Goshen, IN. Since graduating Brown and his wife have lived in 4 different states as he has continued to make work and teach. They currently reside in State College, PA where Brown has accepted an Assistant Professorship at Penn State University-University Park.


"Through clay I explore the concept of identity as the bringing together of varied experiences into a multilayered whole. I combine wheel throwing and hand building to contrast two methods of handling. Using the malleability and immediacy inherent to clay I use both my body and tools to beat, slam, and roughen rolled slabs to create heavily textured parts. Using improvisation and intuition, I cut, butt, and join the rough slabs together. The wheel provides me with forms that are smooth and uncomplicated. I take the wheel thrown form and cut and key it into the textured slabs. I make no attempt to reconcile the distinctly different surfaces when crafting the pieces allowing the surfaces to speak to their history of handling. With all its contrasting parts, each overstepping boundaries one into the other, the work stands ready to serve.   "

State College, Pennsylvania

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The Empire Room

1225 N. Riverfront Blvd.

Dallas, Texas 75207

Opening Hours

Friday:  April 12   l  6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
​​Saturday: April 13  l  11 AM - 5 PM
​Sunday: April 14  l  Noon - 4 PM


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