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Minsoo Yuh

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Minsoo Yuh – guest artist


Minsoo Yuh was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. She earned her BFA and MFA in ceramics from Hongik University. After completing her education, Minsoo relocated to the United States and has since been working with clay. Currently based in Athens, GA,  Minsoo thrives as a fulltime studio potter while teaching workshops and classes. She presents her work through gallery exhibitions and pottery tours nationwide while also actively participating in various art residencies.


"I am fascinated by the spontaneous lines, forms, and spaces I find in nature and objects and the depth and character within them that show the passage of time. I am also inspired and influenced by Korean traditional ceramics, which embraces the beauty of simplicity, vitality, profoundness, and imperfections. This intrinsic beauty, which requires time, dedication to mastering techniques, and understanding the materials and spontaneity of the process of creation, is what I value and strive for in my work. 


In terms of state of mind and physical creativity, spontaneity and vitality empowered by balance and harmony is one of the important elements of my work process. 


My work is a reflection of my  journey of self-examination and personal growth, exploring the depth of humanity, nature, and life through the inspiration derived from the intrinsic quality of clay and nature's elements."

Athens, Georgia

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Event Details



The Empire Room

1225 N. Riverfront Blvd.

Dallas, Texas 75207

Opening Hours

Friday:  April 12   l  6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
​​Saturday: April 13  l  11 AM - 5 PM
​Sunday: April 14  l  Noon - 4 PM


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