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Amy Halko


Amy Halko – core artist

Amy is a studio potter, recently settling in Cleveland, Ohio. Climbing mountains, hanging out with her favorite dogs, and cooking delicious food for friends are among her favorite things to do. Amy received a BFA in Ceramics and Drawing from Bowling Green State University and earned her MFA in Ceramics from Ohio State University in 2001. Amy has taught ceramics at Southern Methodist University, Eastfield College, numerous workshops around the country and was a visiting artist at The Pottery Workshop in Jingdhezhen, China. She was a resident artist at the Archie Bray Foundation, an internationally recoginized center for the advancement of ceramic art. Her work is in several collections and is shown nationally.


"I make gorgeous functional ceramics which offer surprises at every turn. Hand drawn lines converge with fluid glaze for visual and textural intrigue. Exquisite patterns wrap the form with line and color making the objects a delight to use. Tested at the tables of the bon vivant, my pots are sturdy and elegant- made to stand up to the rigors of daily use, and be beautiful while doing so. Inspired by nature, Japanese woodblock prints, and a love of cooking, every piece is handmade on the potter’s wheel, and decorated by me. Designed for utility, these handmade pots are great for daily use."

Cleveland, Ohio

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