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Breana Ferreira


Breana Ferreira– guest artist

Breana Ferreira (Fur-Air-Ra) was born and raised in Southern California prior to residing in Austin, TX where she spent the majority of her teenage years. She received her BFA in Ceramics in the Spring of 2022 at the University of North Texas as a first-generation graduate. Breana is currently an emerging studio artist associated with the American Museum of Ceramic Art in Pomona, CA as a long-term artist in residence.

My objects are designed to be reminiscent of a need for daily comforts. Like the objects of our childhood, I believe that those of adulthood are just as much responsible for influencing our state of mind.


As a result, the objects we choose to surround ourselves with exist as reflections of identity and personal aesthetic. With this belief, I utilize ceramic functional-ware as intimate vehicles for the exploration of the self as a creature of comfort and a product of its environments.


This often asks for contemplation on the relationships,behaviors, and mundanities that make up everyday life. I gather information from within the domestic and urban landscape as research for concept and composition. Texture, color, pattern, and imagery all possess the power to attract and communicate. I utilize these visual and tangible aspects to tap into the senses and provoke moments of curiosity.


When playing with color and pattern, I reference the adornment of the home and the body, as well as its use within systems and education to identify and differentiate. The screen printed image transfers I create are often sourced from public research centers and educational illustrations.


The beauty of my practice is its demand for my utmost attention and consideration inside and outside of the studio. The way in which I work requires thinking backwards and creating parameters to play intuitively within. Though the components of each layer are planned in advance, the decisions made around form and function are what determine the final surface composition. My visual language often takes a maximalist approach that contributes to each object's visual depth and history. This inherently assigns a sense of life and value to the object, its subject matter, and its environment. The tangled dialogue that becomes embedded into each piece lives on through the intimate engagement and interpretations of others. My hope for the work is that it provokes the same curiosity and consideration it was crafted with to exist as valuable objects with utility greater than their function.

Pomona, California

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