Celebrating fourteen years of our ongoing
commitment to and passion for functional arts.


 Like so many ceramic shows and sales nationwide, the Dallas Pottery Invitational postponed our 2020 event until April 2021. With COVID19 restrictions still in place, we have decided to host our event in a virtual platform while representing the same twelve amazing artists from 2020 while showcasing over 500 new works. We will offer an exciting format including virtual studio tours, demos, artist talks and workshops. Stay tuned for updates.


Through thick and then, we are here and committed to fulfilling our mission of bringing new, functional works from cutting-edge ceramicists to our local as well as national audience.  


{The 2021 event begins April 9 at 6:00 p.m. (CST) and ends April 16} 


Our guest Artists are: 

Clay Leonard,  Beth Lo,

Donna Polseno, Sue Tirrell and

Emily Schroeder Willis 


Our core Artists are:  

Amy HalkoDaphne Roehr HatcherGary Hatcher

Liz LurieBrooks Oliver,   

Lisa Orr and Louise Rosenfield.


Please help support our artists by shopping online to procure some of the most beautiful, functional pottery made today. Our artists depend on you to keep their wheels spinning and creativity flowing. Thank you for your ongoing patronage and we look forward to seeing you next year in a new light.

DPI is committed to encouraging diversity, equity and inclusion within our artist lineup. We strive to represent a wide range of talented and experienced artists through invitation and promotion at our annual event. Through continued listening and learning, we fully acknowledge we can do better. We are committed to actively improving the conditions for under-represented groups at our event and in the ceramics community by making DPI a more inclusive place in moving forward.