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The Empire Room

1225 N. Riverfront Blvd.

Dallas, Texas 75207


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Gary Hatcher

Garys' approach to creativity is broad and interdisciplinary. Creative expression and investigation is integrated and not segmented by material or discipline. An interdisciplinary, cross cultural view is how he thinks, works, explores, reads, investigates and expresses hisself. This is the way he navigates his world. 


"Most of my work has been concentrated in the area of wood-fired ceramics, although drawing, printmaking and monumental stone sculpture have at times been my choice as expressive media. Increasingly, jazz study and performance has been of great interest to me. I am interested in how creative expression shares a common thread regardless of spatial or audial specifics. All converge in my soul, at the core of my being as an individual creative spirit, as a child of the universe, both free and connected simultaneously.

   Current areas of creative expression and improvisation include detailed sgraffito drawing on three dimensional clay surfaces and jazz improvisation. Both drawing on clay surfaces and jazz guitar are immediate, improvisational and free. Both share the same psychological space and approach. Both emanate from the same impulse and emotive space in my soul, although using different media, tools, skills and study. I retain conceptual permission to utilize any process or modality to channel my creative spirit. There are no creative rules which are not self-imposed." 



Pine Mills, Texas