Tenmoku interior - I have been doing a new series for the last couple of years entitled the "Carnival Series". These works are all functional pieces with the highly refined and specific forms I am know for with multiple colors of glaze trailed on the surfaces. I use red, orange, yellow, several different greens, purple, black, blue, and white. The glazes interact with each other as well as the wood ash from the kiln firing. I have been really excited about them and it seems they are not out of the kiln very long and out the door they go. This teapot is what I call a two person teapot. Enough tea for two cups of tea and a little more for each person. So about 4 cups. There is a strainer inside the pot so you can use loose tea as well as tea bags. The insides are all glazed in solid black or tenmoku. 5.5” w x 5” h

Woodfired Carnival Teapot

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  • Black Inset Lid & Natural Wood Ash exterior, Carnival trailing in Red, Green, Black & Purple