This 18-19” diameter platter can be a statement in your home, hanging either vertically on the wall (the foot is constructed in such a way that you can hang it on a small nail) or horizontally, placed on a table. While many display this platter on the wall, it is totally functional and can be used for any type of food presentation. . Glazed in a pattern I call “Shadows and Light”, it is an abstracted geometric version of the patterns created on the forest floor as light filters down through the tree canopy above. This bold plate is glazed in four separate colors, purple, deep peacock blue-green, Dangerous Red, and chartreuse, over a Tenmoku background, using a technique called “wax resist” whereby a molten wax is applied to the first coat of glaze (in this case, Tenmoku), using a brush, to the areas of the surface that I don’t want the second, third, or fourth colors to adhere, much like Batik. 18.5” w x 18.5” d x 4.5” h

Striped Platter


The Empire Room

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