Chartreuse inside foot - I have several beautiful small bowls from the last wood firing included in this collection. This one has grooves cut on the outside and on the foot. I have taken to calling these groovy pots. This is a piece that reveals information everywhere you look. I have had an objective in my work for many years in that I surround every aspect of the piece with my awareness and consciousness. This is another piece that has it all and more. Beautiful ashing creating the warm amber/gold color, and three different glazes on the outside. Purple, green, and cream/yellow blend over the delicate grooves on the outside surface. On the rim is a rich creamy yellow glaze with a tenmoku glaze on the inside. A fine piece to hold and study or serve your favorite culinary delight. 5.5” w x 3.5” h

Small Woodfired Carnival Bowl

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  • Natural Wood Ash exterior with Yellow over rim, Slip Trailing in Chartreuse, Yellow & Black on exterior, Black interior