Purple Inside Foot - This is a lovely woodfired Chun and copper red bowl. The glaze is what is known as a "Chun" glaze which is like those used in China during the Song Dynasty. The Song Dynasty was an Imperial dynasty of China that began in 960 AD and lasted until 1279 AD. This beautiful soft blue glaze is created by a very small addition of copper carbonate and tin oxide to the glaze. The special firing results from being fired in our wood kiln and being cooled quickly. Inside the bowl is a spiral moving towards the center in red tones. On the outside of the bowl are the subtle marks of wood ash from the firing. There are grooves cut in the outside of the bowl that lend a subtle shape variation to the form. The foot of the bowl has a bright purple glaze for a little surprise. This is a really nice bowl. I am tempted to keep for myself, but alas, I cannot keep them all!! 4.5" w x 3" h

Small Woodfired Bowl

  • Natural Wood Ash Exterior, Copper Red interior & over rim

The Empire Room

1225 N. Riverfront Blvd

Dallas, Texas 75207


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