Purple inside foot - Truly a joy to use. The perfect cup for tea, coffee, wine…..or a couple shots of your favorite scotch or bourbon. Yes, that was the assignment I prescribed to myself awhile back. The perfect cup. I began by weighing out 16 ounce balls of clay and then threw over 100 different cup shapes. After those 100 were finished, glazed, and fired I picked my favorite 10 after using, holding, and drinking from each. I then made 10 or so of those 10. You get the idea which continued for several generations. So today I offer you select pairs of the two best cups in several colors. Why pairs? The only way you can get more joy drinking tea or whiskey from these cups is to do so with friend. 3.25” w x 3.75” h

Pair of Woodfired Tea Bowls

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  • Tenmoku & Natural Wood Ash, with Red over Rim