Chartreuse inside foot - This fine large bowl has a delicate texture on the outside that is called "chattering". A wonderful surface to hold, feel, and observe. Fired in the wood kiln, it has a beautiful embellishment of wood ash that makes the glazes and texture come alive. Glazes trailed outside include Red, Green Yellow, Purple, Chartreuse. Inside I applied a black/brown tenmoku glaze. The interaction between the glazes outside create all forms of pattern and color relationships. Inside the foot ring is a surprise bright green glaze seen when you turn the bowl over. A great serving piece or new member of your collection. Sure to appreciate in value. 10” w x 7.5” h

Medium Woodfired Chattered Serving Bowl

  • Natural Wood Ash Chattered exterior, with Carnival slip trailing in Red, Yellow, Purple & Chartreuse, black interior

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