Satin-glossy Apple ash glaze on exterior with matt black lip on bottom.


A word on butter keepers (or the French Butter Dish) it is a container used to maintain the freshness and spreadable consistency of butter without refrigeration. This dish has 2 parts: the base, which holds just enough water to create a seal around the butter, and a cup to hold the packed butter which also serves as a lid. The cup containing butter is placed into the base and the water creates an airtight seal that keeps the air away from the butter so that refrigeration is not needed and the butter can be used in its soft form. This method will keep butter for around a month provided it is kept at temperatures below 80 °F (27 °C) and the water is changed regularly. Smush your room temperature butter into the lid cavity and put an inch or two of water in the base. When you want to serve your butter at the table simply pass the lid around or leave it open on the table and enjoy form and function!

Butter Keeper 2

  • Stoneware. Gas reduction. 

    4” x 4”  Holds approx. 1 stick of butter

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